Announcement of PharmVar Content Changes

PharmVar continues to evolve and strive to offer high-quality content to our global users. To allow us to bring new clinically relevant content to PharmVar we needed to make some difficult decisions and ‘retire’ several CYP genes. This decision is based on a newly developed points-based rating system (0-100 points) that allows us to prioritize which genes to maintain and which genes to evaluate for future introduction into PharmVar. More detailed information regarding PharmVar gene content and prioritization will be posted under the GENES tab once these changes have taken effect May 12, 2023.

The following genes were not considered pharmacogenes by PharmVar due to their contribution to lipid and steroid metabolism and/or associations with disease and will be retired:  CYP4A11, CYP4A22, CYP4B1, CYP17A1, CYP19A1, CYP21A2, CYP26A1, TBXAS1 and PTGIS (0 points each), though several of these genes have variant and low level clinical annotations on PharmGKB. Other databases such as ClinGen and/or ClinVar may also be consulted for variation annotations. These genes were listed by PharmVar as ‘legacy’ genes. POR (3 points) was also listed as a legacy gene.  The following genes were transitioned into the PharmVar database, but never curated by an expert panel nor any additional data added: CYPs  1A1, 1B1, 2E1, 2F4, 2J2, 2R1, 2S1, 2W1, 3A7 and 3A43. These genes were not deemed to be clinically important pharmacogenes by the PharmVar Steering Committee based on having 0 points in the ranking system and will also be retired. Furthermore, the link to the archived Human Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Allele Nomenclature database record (last version by in 2017) will be deactivated to discourage use of outdated information (a copy can be requested through

If new data emerges and rankings change, a gene may be reintroduced to PharmVar.

NAT2 is currently undergoing curation and is anticipated to be transferred from the Databases of Arylamine N-acetyltransferases (NATs) to PharmVar in summer 2023. The introduction of NAT2 into the PharmVar database is timely as CPIC is initiating a guideline for the NAT2/hydralazine gene-drug pair.  Additionally, NAT2 has multiple clinical annotations and mulitple annotated FDA and other regulatory agency labels.

As always, PharmVar values your feedback and suggestions

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