Centralized presentation material repository now available from CPIC’s PGx Dissemination working group

The CPIC’s PGx Dissemination working group has developed a central repository for pharmacogenomic-related presentation materials.  Now available on the PGRN website (https://www.pgrn.org/), users will find a resource link “discussion forum” at https://forum.pgrn.org/c/clinical-implementation/pgx-dissemination-materials/25. The discussion forum provides a medium to disseminate links to PGx presentation materials and handouts.If you have a resource that you would like to share, please visit the site. The PGRN does not have a central server for storage of materials. Therefore, the materials must be stored external to the PGRN and contributors must provide an active link to the material(s). You do not need to be a PGRN member to view or post to the forum. However, forum registration is required for posting materials.The PGx Dissemination working group hopes that you will be able to contribute to building the resource and feel free to utilize the contributions of your colleagues. If you have any questions please email dfkisor@manchester.edu. The group looks forward to seeing your contributions!

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