CPIC launches second Term Standardization project – seeking PGx experts

CPIC leadership has put out a call for gene experts to participate in the second CPIC Term Standardization project, which will begin in early 2020.This project continues the work of the first term standardization effort in 2016, where standardized terms for pharmacogenetic (PGx) allele function and associated phenotypes were developed and agreed upon by a Delphi process (see Caudle et al. 2017 for further details). The work of the previous project was adopted by many external groups and has helped build consensus between different PGx testing platforms, PGx implementation processes and scientific publications. The second Term Standardization project will use the same Delphi process to find drug-agnostic allele function and phenotype terms that can be used by pharmacogenes not included in the 2016 work, including VKORC1, RYR1, mt-RNR1 and others. As with the first term standardization project, iterative surveys will be used to find consensus among the group. It is expected that 2-4 rounds of surveys will be needed to achieve consensus. As with the 2016 project, the resulting standardized terms will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and used in future CPIC guidelines.If you meet the criteria below and would like to join this expert panel, please take this survey (5-10 minutes) to be included in the project. Further information can also be found at the CPIC website.

  • Clinician with a working knowledge of pharmacogenetics (pharmacists, physicians, nurses, genetic counselors, etc).
  • Researcher with at least 2 years of PGx research experience
  • Clinical laboratory scientist or staff with at least 2 years of PGx experience
  • EHR standards expert/medical informatic (PGx experience not required but involvement in HL7 or similar experience preferred)
  • Gene specific experts and/or CPIC or DPWG guideline author for the following genes to be included in this project: RYR1, CACNA1S, CFTR, G6PD, IFNL3, mt-RNR1, GBA, NAGS, HPRT1, POLG, COMT, OPRM1, SCN1A, SLC6A4, F5, ABL2, ASL, ASS1, CPS1, and OTC

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