CPIC releases updated Genes-Drugs list

Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) has posted an updated Genes-Drug list.  Changes include:

1. A new column was added to the table called “CPIC Level Status”. Assigned CPIC levels have always been considered provisional unless and until the gene/drug pair has been reviewed in the course of a CPIC guideline. All gene-drug pairs reviewed as part of CPIC guidelines have been assigned a “final” assignment; others were assigned “provisional,” and this column designation should clarify this distinction for the user.  2.     CPIC Levels “A/B”, “B/C” and “C/D” have been included in the past, but now these levels have been defined at https://cpicpgx.org/prioritization/#leveldef.  3.     Gene/drug pairs (including some in the FDA’s new PGx association list) were re-evaluated. Some gene-drug pairs were added and some had their provisional levels changed after preliminary review of the evidence and actionability recommended by others.

4.     The previous version of the list contained some drug classes. In this list the drugs have been separated out individually so that classes are no longer listed.

5.     Some gene-drug pairs were removed because on reassessment, they did not meet the criteria for inclusion.

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