CYP3A4 now available in PharmVar

PharmVar and PharmGKB are excited to announce that CYP3A4 has been transitioned into the PharmVar database. Check it out here.

Numerous changes and revisions have been made during an extensive curation process including limiting the upstream and downstream regions used for allele definitions and the removal of introns of unknown functional consequence; these revisions caused the retirement of several suballeles or merging of suballeles.

In addition, upgrading to the gene’s current reference sequence (NG_008421.1) caused the c.-392A>G SNP to flip to c.-392G>A; in other words, all alleles that previously had the c.-392A>G SNP now match the RefSeq and are thus no longer showing the variant, while all other alleles gained c.-392G>A. Furthermore, the submission of new data added one novel star allele,CYP3A4*35, several novel suballeles, as well as helped to raise the evidence levels for many alleles from ‘Lim’ to ‘Def’.

Important CYP3A4 information is provided in the ‘Read Me’ document such as reference sequences used and how the PharmVar CAVE tool facilitates comparisons of core allele definitions. All changes and revisions have been summarized in the ‘Change Log’ document. Here we also provide a record of novel haplotypes that have been submitted to PharmVar and have been accepted.

Finally, a big thank you to all CYP3A4 gene experts for volunteering their time and expertise!

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