CYP3A5 released on PharmVar

PharmVar and PharmGKB are excited to announce that CYP3A5 has been transitioned into the PharmVar database. Variation information has been extensively curated by the PharmVar CYP3A5 gene experts which led to the correction of some allele definitions or reclassification of others. The submission of new data added novel suballeles, as well as helped to raise the evidence levels for several alleles from ‘Lim’ to ‘Def’. Important CYP3A5 information is provided in the ‘Read Me’ document such as reference sequences used and how the PharmVar CAVE tool facilitates comparisons of core allele definitions. All changes and revisions have been summarized in the ‘Change Log’ document. Here we also list all new haplotypes. Check it out at

And finally, a big thank you to all of the CYP3A5 gene experts who serve on this panel for their hard work.

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