DIGITizE Suggests Implementing 2 CPIC Guidelines in CDS

The DIGITizE Action Collaborative has suggested that Clinical Decision Support (CDS) be implemented based on CPIC's TPMT/azathioprine and HLA-B/abacavir guidelines.  DIGITizE (Displaying and Integrating Genetic Information Through the EHR) is a collaborative group of the Institute of Medicine consisting of key stakeholders interested in integrating genomic information into electronic health records (EHR).  As part of their efforts to create support for a few very specific use cases, they have chosen to focus on the impact of (1) HLA-B*57:01 on abacavir hypersensitivity and (2) TPMT alleles on azathioprine dosing, consistent with the CPIC guidelines.  They recommend having patient genotypes in the EHR before prescribing these medications.

CPIC guidelines can be found on PharmGKB for TPMT/azathioprine and HLA-B/abacavir.

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