IGNITE Network Analysis of Genomic Medicine Implementation Published in BMC Medical Genomics

A new paper in BMC Medical Genomics describes a multi-case study of six IGNITE (Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE) network sites currently implementing genomics, including pharmacogenomics, into patient care. The authors discuss challenges to implementation as well as subsequent strategies to address those challenges. All participating IGNITE institutions cited low prioritization of genomic data integration into electronic health records (EHR) as a challenge to implementation and four sites addressed this challenge with data warehousing techniques. An additional challenge was the unfamiliarity of many health care providers with interpretation and implementation of genomic data into patient care, which several institutions addressed with the development of educational materials for healthcare providers, facilitation of educational meetings and workshops targeted to physicians as well as stakeholders at various levels, and educational outreach with trained specialists to assist providers in clinical settings. The third most commonly cited challenge was engaging and informing patients. All IGNITE sites utilized various media platforms (e.g. local and national TV and radio, social media, newspapers) to disseminate information about genomic medicine research. Additional strategies included seeking patient input at panels, encouraging patients to assist with the development of educational materials, as well as teaching patients about evidence-based clinical decisions to help them become active in their own care.You may read the article in its entirety hereChallenges and strategies for implementing genomic services in diverse settings: experiences from the Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) network.BMC Medical Genomics May 22, 2017Nina R. Sperber, Janet S. Carpenter, Larisa H. Cavallari, Laura J. Damschroder, Rhonda M. Cooper-DeHoff, Joshua C. Denny, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Yue Guan, Carol R. Horowitz, Kenneth D. Levy, Mia A. Levy, Ebony B. Madden, Michael E. Matheny, Toni I. Pollin, Victoria M. Pratt, Marc Rosenman, Corrine I. Voils, Kristen W. Weitzel, Russell A. Wilke, R. Ryanne Wu and Lori A. Orlando

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