Interactive Dosing Guidelines now on PharmGKB

PharmGKB now has interactive PGx dosing guidelines...simply pick the genotype or diplotype of the gene from a dropdown menu and the CPIC recommended dosing guidelines for that specific allele combination will appear.

These are available for all published CPIC guidelines.

Simple instructions:
1. On PharmGKB, go to the drug or gene page of interest, or select from the PGx drug dosing guidelines list. If available, CPIC dosing guidelines appear in the Clinical PGx tab of gene and drug pages (see picture below).
2. "Look up your guideline" by selecting the genotype or diplotype of your choice from the dropdown menus of alleles.  
3. The CPIC recommendations for that particular genotype-drug pair will appear.
4. Change the genotype or diplotype by using the dropdown menus - the recommendations will change accordingly.  

Example: Azathioprine CPIC dosing guidelines for the *2/*3A TPMT diplotype

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