Introducing the new PharmGKB Cancer PGx Portal

PharmGKB has collected a number of resources for Cancer PGx into one easy location. There are tables with direct links to genes important for cancer drug response both for PD and PK, to cancer drug pathways, particular cancers that have PGx data, types of toxicities common to cancer drugs, and external resources.

Eight new VIP gene pages give a short text based summary of important genes for cancer drug response. These are for the genes ALK, ABL1, BCR, BRAF, ERBB2 (HER2), KIT, KRAS and NRAS. Anyone with expertise in the genes who wishes to develop these with us for publication in PG&G, please contact feedback.

There is a shortlist of drug labels for cancer drugs with biomarker PGx.

We currently have 34 anti-cancer agent drug pathways with 8 new pathways in development. The portal gives shortcuts to a selection.

PharmGKB currently uses a flat ontology for diseases, which means that the Neoplasms disease page does not link to the many different cancers we have data for. The cancer portal has direct links to the cancers for which there is the most PGx information in the knowledgebase, such as pediatric ALL, CML, colorectal, breast, renal and non-small cell lung cancers. The portal also has links to the common types of toxicities with PGx data.

Finally there is a collection of external links that are useful for Cancer PGx.

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