Major PharmVar update released

PharmVar has announced the release of a major update to Notable new features include a revised haplotype naming system, the introduction of unique haplotype IDs, a functional impact display next to causative SNVs in brackets and a revised allele (CYP2D6*14A is now *114). The new gene page design has customizable display options and allows the user to see variation info across reference sequences and genome builds and rsIDs without leaving the page.The update also features nomenclature for the first non-CYP gene, NUDT15. Papers describing the new features, and how NUDT15 nomenclature was developed are close to being published in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. A presentation with an overview of PharmVar and highlights of the new features can be found under the About tab on the PharmVar website.

PharmGKB will soon be updating our Gene Information Tables for CYP2D6 to reflect the revised allele status of CYP2D6*114. Our NUDT15 Gene Information Tables are already in sync with PharmVar.

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