New publication: PharmGKB Uric acid-lowering drugs pathway

Disorders involving uric acid levels are prevalent (e.g. gout, hyperuricemia and resultant kidney failure) and pharmaceuticals that reduce the generation, increase the removal or prevent the absorption of uric acid have been developed to treat these disorders.

Two PharmGKB pathways depicting the mechanism of action of these drugs and the genes involved in these pathways have been published in PG&G.

The article details the genetic associations behind severe adverse reactions induced by allopurinol (Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis) and rasburicase (hemolysis).

Read the article:
PharmGKB summary: uric acid-lowering drugs pathway, pharmacodynamics.

McDonagh EM, Thorn CF, Callaghan JT, Altman RB, Klein TE.
Pharmacogenetics & Genomics. 2014 Jun 9. (Epub ahead of print)

Click on each picture to view an interactive version of the pathway in PharmGKB

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