New sortable PGx Research tables on PharmGKB

Tables of our Variant Annotations found on the PGx Research tab (view on gene, drug, variant and haplotype pages) can now be sorted and filtered to allow you to see the most relevant information you want to see.

example:If you want to see all variant annotations between the genetic variant rs1800462 (TPMT*2) and the drug mercaptopurine.

  • From our homepage search for 'rs1800462' and click on the PGx Research tab to see the table of Variant Annotations.
  • Add filter: select 'Drug'/ pick filter select 'contains'/ type mercaptopurine/ click add (pictured).
  • The list can then be sorted by each column e.g. significance, p value.
  • Click the configure icon (pictured) in the right hand corner above the table to add, remove or rearrange columns and save your desired settings to keep them for the next time you come to the website.

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