Pathways in progress, a way to accelerate the pathways visible to users

Thanks to user feedback regarding the PharmGKB pathways, we understand that many of our pathways are used for teaching and presentations, and that users love the detailed figures. We are also aware that many users are interested in the underlying data -- what's on the components tab, the papers supporting pathway arrows and the downloadable gpml file -- for doing further work with expression data or drug drug interactions. The detailed figures are a time consuming part of the life cycle of getting a pathway from first encounter of a paper with evidence to available on the PharmGKB website. Many pathways, including those from CPIC level A gene-drug pairs, do not yet have sufficient complexity for publication in peer reviewed journals. PharmGKB will continue to publish pathways with a lot of underlying data and those that people are willing to co-author and develop a rich text review in a peer reviewed journal with the detailed illustration. We are releasing a new feature for pathways that are in progress that will contain only the components tab and figure from the gpml.  This will allow us to complete pathway updates more quickly as new candidates are published, and for users to see what's in progress. Some pathways will ultimately have the publication quality figures whereas others may not depending on demand or evidence.  This will allow for more pathways to be available more quickly. We look forward to hearing back from the PharmGKB community at

Some examples to check out ...

In Progress: Cilostazol Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

In Progress: Febuxostat Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

In Progress: Paclitaxel Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

In Progress: Tamsulosin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

In Progress: Ziprasidone Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

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