Pharmacogenomics for dermatologists

An introduction to pharmacogenomics in dermatology has been published in Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery by Stanford Medicine dermatology resident Dr. Roxana Daneshjou, PharmGKB curator Dr. Rachel Huddart and PharmGKB co-PIs Dr. Teri Klein and Dr. Russ Altman.After introducing the field of pharmacogenomics, the paper highlights some of the features of PharmGKB, including our search functionality, curated pathways and drug label annotations. The work of CPIC is also introduced with examples of dermatology-relevant guidelines such as carbamazepine and HLA-A/HLA-B. The article concludes with a discussion of the current state of pharmacogenomics implementation in the clinic.Although the article has a focus on dermatology, it is relevant to anyone who wants to learn more about pharmacogenomic resources and implementation, regardless of their clinical field. The paper can be accessed here.

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