PharmCAT Tutorial Videos Now Available on YouTube

Introduction to PharmCAT, Modules, and Reports

Pharmacogenomics Clinical Annotation Tool (PharmCAT) tutorial videos are now available on the PharmGKB YouTube channel. The tutorial videos provide clear, step-by-step instructions for running PharmCAT from command lines. By providing genotype-based drug prescribing recommendations, we hope to engage the wider genomics community and create a standard for the use in precision medicine.

The first two videos cover (1) the introduction to PharmCAT, modules, and reports and (2) a hands-on example that walks you through the setup and commands for running PharmCAT.

Future videos will cover how to supply external pharmacogenomic calls to PharmCAT, how to use ‘Research’ modes, how to use the PharmCAT functionalities for biobank-scale analyses, and more.

More information about PharmCAT can be found at To follow PharmCAT, subscribe to the PharmGKB YouTube channel for new videos or the PharmCAT mailing list for the latest PharmCAT updates.If you have questions regarding PharmCAT, please contact us at

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