PharmGKB and CPIC curated information displayed on ClinGen

PharmGKB and CPIC partnered with ClinGen last summer to bring curated pharmacogenomics (PGx) to the resource which defines the clinical relevance of genes and variants in the human genome. A new Pharmacogenomics column has been added to ClinGen's curated gene categories.  130 PGx genes curated by PharmGKB and/or CPIC are now listed on the ClinGen website with links back to the PharmGKB and CPIC websites for more detailed information.

ClinGen displays all gene-drug pairs from PharmGKB with Level 1 & 2 Clinical Annotations along with (1) a link to the relevant PharmGKB drug page, (2) the highest annotation level for the gene-drug pair (linked to the explanation of PharmGKB's Levels of Evidence), (3) the date of the last update and (4) a link to view all PharmGKB Clinical Annotations for that gene-drug pair.

ClinGen also displays all CPIC gene-drug pairs with levels A-D.  Where applicable, these are grouped by CPIC guideline with (1) a link to the CPIC guideline page and (2) gene-drug pairs list page.  Gene-drug pairs with provisional CPIC levels (i.e. those awaiting further evaluation and potentially guideline development) link to the gene-drug pairs list page.

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