PharmGKB featured on Stanford's Discovery Walk

PharmGKB featured on Stanford's Discovery Walk

The PharmGKB is included on the Stanford University Medical School 'Discovery Walk' monument, alongside major discoveries and achievements in the medical sciences over the last 150 years. On Bench panel 10_13 (located on the Discover Walk outside the Beckman Center), genomics and the post-genomics era are featured. Here the mission of the PharmGKB as a database of how human genetic variation impacts the response to drugs is highlighted by a quote from Russ Altman, stating that "the future of medicine is using the genome to make decisions".

The pharmacogenetic example of the anticoagulant drug warfarin is highlighted with the PharmGKB Warfarin Pathway, Pharmacodynamics, which provides an overview of the genes involved in warfarin action and it's effects in the body.

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view genotype-based dosing guidelines for warfarin and information about genetic variants involved in warfarin metabolism and drug effects in the PharmGKB.

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