PharmGKB has an opening for a scientific curator

PharmGKB is looking to fill a Curator position in the Department of Genetics at Stanford University.  We are specifically looking for someone with a clinical or pharmacology background to add to the curation team.

This position works with a group of curators to collect and analyze information from the scientific literature as well as through direct submissions, abstracting this information in the required format(s), verifying for accuracy, compiling educated summaries of the literature, discovering new facts by analyzing the collected data and refining the submitted data.

Qualifications required:

PharmD, PhD, MD
Three - five years relevant experience
In-depth training and knowledge of pharmacology, genetics, molecular biology, and/or bioinformatics
In-depth training and knowledge of pharmaceuticals including dosing, interactions and use.
Familiar with disease areas including cancer, cardiovascular disease and asthma as well as publicly available biological databases
Strong analytical, organization and communication (English written and oral) skills
Detail oriented
Desired Qualifications:
Seven years relevant experience
Experience with relational databases, data integration and statistics preferred
Enjoys public speaking

Please apply here if you are interested in this position.

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