PharmGKB is looking to fill a Scientific Curator position on our team.  Below is a description of the responsibilities of a curator at PharmGKB.

To apply, search for Scientific Curator - 61462 under Staff Positions at jobs.stanford.edu

·      Read pharmacogenomic experimental literature, analyzing articles for details about gene variant-drug relationships to enter into PharmGKB database; interpret results and conclusions from this literature and summarizes these for PharmGKB.  This may involve searching other public genomics databases, making inferences, and mapping variant locations between genomic sequences and unique assigned identifiers. ·      Evaluate and synthesize evidence extracted from primary pharmacogenomic literature as above, including contradictory results, and write conclusions about the effects of particular genotypes upon response to specific drugs. ·      Create drug pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics pathways based on evaluation of literature using PharmGKB proprietary software and writes a detailed description of the pathway process, alone or in collaboration with domain experts, that is published both online and in a peer-reviewed journal. ·      Write detailed literature review of important pharmacogenetics genes (VIPs), alone or in collaboration with domain experts, that is published both online and in a peer-reviewed journal. ·      Co-author CPIC genotype-based drug dosing guidelines for peer-reviewed publication.  Literature reviews, provide background information and manuscript writing. ·      Participate in scientific data consortia- helps to design data collection forms; consolidate and curate primary data from individual labs; work with developer to design QC tests for data; communicate with other scientists about data discrepancies/questions and standards for data inclusion; help with manuscript preparation for publication. ·      Support all scientific needs of PharmGKB, including but not limited to PGx summaries, drug label curation, curating gene haplotype and phenotype definitions, drug-gene relationships, curation of NLP relations for incorporation into the curation workflow, handling of rare variants, blogging, genome annotations and PharmGKB recommendations for clinical use of variant-drug pairs. Attend and present at scientific meetings and present academic lectures as needed.·      Work with curation and development teams to design, improve and test new website functionality and UI for PharmGKB.  Report issues with existing functionality and suggest improvements or new features.·      Interact and respond as required to funding agencies, FDA, feedback, etc. ·      Any and all other curator projects as they arise.

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