PharmGKB selected in the first list of Global Core Biodata Resources

We are pleased to announce that PharmGKB is included in the first list of Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBRs), a collection of resources whose long term funding and sustainability is critical to life science and biomedical research worldwide.

The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) brings together major public and charitable funders, with the aim to “stabilize sustainable financial support for the global biodata infrastructure and in particular to identify for prioritized long-term support a set of Global Core Biodata Resources that are crucial for sustaining the broader biodata infrastructure.” After a rigorous two-stage process evaluating scientific quality and impact, 37 resources were selected in the first list of GCBRs. One key feature of the GCBRs is that the data from these resources are available openly and can be accessed and used without restriction by researchers worldwide. PharmGKB is honored to be recognized as a Global Core Biodata Resource and we fully support GBC's mission to stabilize support for the global biodata infrastructure.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the present and past members of PharmGKB, our funding agencies, scientific advisors and collaborators, and especially our users, for their continued support and contribution to build this vital resource. PharmGKB serves both basic science investigators as well as clinicians and laboratories. Sustainable long-term support is critically important for us to provide stable, comprehensive, and dependable pharmacogenomic information to our users across the globe.

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