Public comment period for CPIC allele function assignment SOP

CPIC is inviting public comments on their draft SOP for assigning function to pharmacogenomic alleles.CPIC has been assigning “function” to pharmacogenomic alleles since its inception. This has already led to a Delphi process and consensus publication on standardizing terms used for allele function and pharmacogenetic phenotypes for some genes. The unique contribution of CPIC is to assign an allele function that leads to a phenotype assignment that can drive clinical prescribing actionability. Now that several types of genes involved in drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics have been included in CPIC guidelines, CPIC leadership considers it timely to establish written SOPs that describe the criteria used for assigning pharmacogenetic allele function in greater detail. Many elements of this SOP have been tested in preparation of recent guidelines.The SOP can be downloaded from the Resources section of the CPIC website. Comments and feedback should be sent to Kelly Caudle ( by October 23rd 2019.

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