Release of Additional PharmGKB Pediatric Drug Summaries

A new round of PharmGKB's pediatric drug summaries is now available on PharmGKB under the Pediatric Focus.

To view the site with the focus active, please select the "Focus" button in the upper right-hand corner and toggle the "Pediatric Focus" setting.

Users can also access the Pediatric Focus on the Focus landing page, or by typing

These pediatric drug summaries contain key information relevant to prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric populations, manually curated from PharmGKB annotations, pathways, CPIC guidelines, and FDA-approved drug labels.

Drugs with newly available summaries include:

PharmGKB continues to add to the list of drugs with pediatric summaries. To browse all drugs with available pediatric summaries, please check out the PharmGKB Pediatric Dashboard.

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