The Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2) adds a new PGx section

The Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2) is a free, online resource that provides a collection of high quality educational materials for self-directed learning in genetics or genomics. It is targeted toward health care professionals such as genetic counselors, nurses, physician assistants and pharmacists. The educational information presented consists of journal articles, websites and textbooks, among other types of resources.

The National Human Genome Resource Institute (NHGRI) announced on Tuesday that G2C2 now provides educational materials on pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics (PGx). This comprehensive collection of PGx information available on the website was created with the needs of pharmacists in mind, though given the broad reach of PGx, the materials presented are relevant to anyone within the health care field. The materials provided range from basic introductions to PGx to in-depth discussions on the subject; both PharmGKB and Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines are featured on the G2C2 site.

PharmGKB encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about PGx to explore the information available on the G2C2 website. More information about this new section of G2C2 can be found in the NHGRI news release; please see the links below.


PGx materials
G2C2 homepage
NHGRI news release

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