Therapeutic Resource for COVID-19

PharmGKB has assembled a COVID-19 webpage containing therapeutic drugs from clinical trials and adjuvant therapies linking to PharmGKB annotations of gene and variant associations with these drugs.  While no trials currently discuss pharmacogenomics directly, some drugs have known associated genes and pathways.  Due to the potential QT-prolonging action of some of the drugs on this list, such as hydroxychloroquine, and the risk of concomitant treatment with other QT-prolonging agents, we have included a list of drugs associated with QT prolongation.  Additionally, we provide a list of antidepressants with Clinical Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium (CPIC) prescribing guidelines in light of the likelihood of depression and/or anxiety associated with the impact of COVID-19.

Following a drug link on the PharmGKB COVID-19 webpage takes the user to PharmGKB annotations about that drug, including FDA-approved drug labels, variant and clinical annotations based on peer-reviewed literature and pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic pathways.  This resource is under development.  The COVID-19 space is changing rapidly and new clinical trials continue to be added for investigational drugs, some of which are being repurposed and some of which are experimental with very limited information.  We will update the PharmGKB webpage as we get new information.

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