Upcoming change to user accounts

We will be making a small change to user accounts this weekend that should make our users’ lives a little easier. Registered PharmGKB users will no longer be required to have a username as part of their profile. Instead, users will be able to log into the site and manage their profile using their registered email address.

Existing users, you will be able to sign in using your existing username or your email address (along with your password, of course). Please make sure your email address in your profile is current and active. Usernames will be completely phased out in a later update and we will notify you before it happens.

New users, you will no longer be asked to come up with a unique username when registering for an account. That’s one less thing to remember.

Registering as a user of PharmGKB and accepting our data usage agreement enables you to view all the information in our curated Clinical Annotations and Variant Annotations on the site.

Send a message to feedback if you have questions about this account update.

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