Update to individual statin pathways to support release of new CPIC guidelines for statins

To coincide with the release of the updated CPIC guidelines for SLCO1B1, ABCG2 and CYP2C9 and statin-associated musculoskeletal symptoms, we have updated the statin pharmacokinetic (PK) pathways. We now have one PK pathway for each individual drug in the guideline and have added details of the specific metabolites as well as the candidate genes and references.

Atorvastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Fluvastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Lovastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Pitavastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Pravastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Rosuvastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Simvastatin Pathway, Pharmacokinetics

Note: If you have visited pathways recently you may need to refresh your browser or empty cookies to see the updated versions. Plus the history log at the bottom of the pathway lets you know if you are seeing the most updated version.

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