AMIA 10x10 Virtual Pharmacogenomics course with Stanford University begins June 26, 2017

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) has partnered with the Biomedical Informatics program at Stanford University to present an online course in pharmacogenomics (PGx) as part of the AMIA 10 x 10 series. The course, Pharmacogenomics, will  introduce the field and cover topics relevant to PGx including pharmacology, genomics, genome wide association studies (GWAS) and high-throughput assay analyses, natural language processing (NLP), PGx resources such as PharmGKB, Drugbank and NCBI, relevant gene and drug classes as well as current challenges to the implementation of PGx testing in clinical care.  Russ Altman, MD, PhD, Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine, and Computer Science and Director of the Biomedical Informatics Training Program and Co-PI of PharmGKB is also the Director of the 10 x 10 Pharmacogenomics course. Additional instructors include Dr. Michelle Whirl-Carrillo, Associate Director of PharmGKB, Dr. Alison Fohner, former Scientific Curator at PharmGKB, Sara Hillenmeyer, and Dr. Natalia Khuri. The course begins June 26th. To learn more and to register, please click here.

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