The Next Look for PharmGKB

PharmGKB is excited to show you our all-new website design. We’ve been working hard for months to create a new user interface that serves all of PharmGKB’s content in a clear and flexible way.You can see the new design by visiting “next” site uses modern web technologies and frameworks to produce a clear interface no matter which device you’re using. This means mobile & small-screen devices will have a first-class user experience.We’re using the new to power this next design. Page load speeds have increased dramatically especially when it comes to our most annotated genes like CYP2D6 and G6PD.We’d love to know what you think of the new design! Please go to, use the site, and give us your feedback. Every message you send helps us understand how to help people looking to learn more about pharmacogenomics and precision medicine.We plan to run as a preview of things to come while still showing our traditional design at After a short trial period we will move the “next” design over to you have something you’d like us to know about the redesign, please use the feedback button on the bottom-right of any page.We hope you find this new design as exciting and useful as we do. We look forward to your feedback!

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