Introducing the DDRx Mobile App!

Check out DDRx - the new mobile app for genotype-based prescribing guidance from PharmGKB/ClinPGx.

We are excited to announce the release of the DNA-Driven Prescribing (DDRx) mobile app:  a tool for mobile devices that provides pharmacogenomic drug prescribing guidance based on user-supplied genotypes.  DDRx is powered by PharmGKB’s annotated prescribing guidance and API. Users can begin by entering genotypes to retrieve relevant guidance, or they can start by querying for a drug of interest and then entering the genotype for the associated gene(s). Scan the QR code below or visit to get started!

QR code for DDRx

DDRx essentially operates in the user’s browser but the bookmark can be installed on the device’s home screen by following the directions:

Instructions for installation

Users can also prioritize the results displayed from guidance sources by navigating to the “Preferred Source” setting and using the arrow keys to move sources up or down the list.

Prioritize sources

Note that if no guidance exists from a source for the entered genotype and drug combination, no information from that source is displayed and the next source on the list with guidance is shown.

The creation of DDRx was funded by the Center of Excellence for Precision Health and Pharmacogenomics in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University.  Contact us with questions, comments, etc. at

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