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This is the brand new home for news about all things ClinPGx, including PharmGKB, CPIC, PharmCAT and PharmVar!

We are excited to share our transition from the PharmGKB Blog to a brand new platform: the ClinPGx Blog. The new blog refines, simplifies, and improves accessibility to information about ClinPGx and pharmacogenomics. The redesigned blog maintains the core functionalities of the old blog but with a fresh, clean layout. It also integrates email announcements, called newsletters, eliminating the need for external services like MailChimp to manage your subscription. You can use the Subscribe button to sign up or the Account button to manage your subscriptions after you’ve registered. We’re integrating the management of the PharmGKB, CPIC, and PharmCAT announcement newsletters under a single account to enable convenient subscription maintenance.

The Newsletters

Subscribing to the “ClinPGx Newsletter” ensures that you will receive all ClinPGx Blog posts, including major announcements about PharmGKB, CPIC, and PharmCAT. We recommend subscribing to this newsletter because it is the best way to stay informed about all ClinPGx projects. If you were already registered with an existing announcement newsletter (i.e. PharmGKB Blog, CPIC Announcement list, PharmCAT Releases) you will be automatically migrated to the new ClinPGx Newsletter.

We are also adding three new newsletters for more detailed, technical announcements for PharmGKB, CPIC, and PharmCAT. These newsletters are intended to be of interest to people working with the data and software from those projects but may not be of interest to everyone receiving the ClinPGx Newsletter. It is a great way for us to contact you in case of a problem or breaking change with data or software that may affect you.

ClinPGx Newsletter = News and information about ClinPGx, PharmGKB, CPIC, and PharmCAT. This is the main feed and will contain the types of blog posts that were on the old PharmGKB blog. We highly recommend everybody subscribe to this newsletter since it will have all the major announcements, news, and general-interest information across all ClinPGx projects.

CPIC Data Newsletter = This newsletter sends information to people implementing or working with CPIC data on a technical level, including via the CPIC database, the CPIC API, or any of the supplemental download files. We will send notes about new data, changes to existing data, and any new technical features that can help you use CPIC information. However, general CPIC news and guideline announcements will be in the ClinPGx Newsletter.

PharmCAT User Newsletter = This newsletter sends information to people who actively use PharmCAT software. We will announce new releases and in-depth information about running the tool and working with input/output data. Major PharmCAT news and feature announcements will be in the ClinPGx Newsletter.

PharmGKB Data Newsletter = This newsletter sends information to people working with PharmGKB data download files published on the PharmGKB website or the PharmGKB API. We will announce new data types, new services, and technical changes to data schemas here. Most PharmGKB news and announcements will be posted to the ClinPGx Newsletter.

Old Blog Posts

All previous PharmGKB Blog posts are accessible and searchable through this system. Unfortunately, our old blog provider, Blogger, lost a small portion of images from older posts which are unrecoverable - one of the reasons we moved off that platform. The PharmGKB Blog will remain online (but not updated) for as long as possible to maintain existing links.


Thank you for your interest in ClinPGx. We look forward to continued communication with you about our current projects, new efforts, publications, and relevant information concerning the world of clinical and research pharmacogenomics.

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