PharmGKB data now available in OpenTargets

Data from PharmGKB clinical annotations are now integrated into OpenTargets; a free online tool which brings together data from publicly available datasets to help prioritize potential drug targets.

The Pharmacogenetics section of the profile for both drugs and targets (genes) now shows information from PharmGKB clinical annotations, including the phenotype category and the Level of Evidence. By hovering over the question mark next to the phenotype, the full text of one phenotype description from the clinical annotation can be displayed, as in these images for OPRM1.

Screenshot ORPM1 annotations
A screenshot of more OPRM1 annotations

Information from toxicity-related clinical annotations is now also displayed in the Safety section for targets, as shown for HLA-A below.

A screenshot of HLA-A annotations

We’re excited to be involved with OpenTargets’ work and hope to be able to integrate more data from PharmGKB in the future. For more information, visit the OpenTargets blog.

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