PharmGKB announces the launch of PharmGKB Pediatric

PharmGKB Pediatric ( is a "view" of PharmGKB ( that highlights pharmacogenomic annotations that (1) are based on pediatric studies or (2) may be relevant to pediatrics.  All of the annotations found on PharmGKB are also on PharmGKB Pediatric.

A quick way to access pediatric information is to click the blue "Pediatric Pharmacogenomics" button on the website homepage

and follow the link to the "Pediatric Annotations Dashboard".

This dashboard gives an overview of what percentage of each type of PharmGKB annotation has pediatric information.

A description of how annotations qualify for the pediatric tag can be found here.  Clicking on the link under a pie chart will take the user to a complete list of pediatric annotations that can be sorted, filtered or downloaded.

Also on PharmGKB Pediatric, the menu on the left-hand side of drug and gene page will have a "child" icon if there are pediatric annotations in a particular category (see example below).  Additionally, manually-curated summaries of the pediatric annotations and pediatric information from FDA-approved drug labels (see example below)

Example screenshot of warfarin page with pediatric icons and summary.

are available for over 80 drugs (as of 11 October 2021) that fall into these categories:  (1) CPIC guideline drugs and (2) drugs on the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA) priority list AND that have at least one pediatric variant annotation.

We continue to add to the list of drugs with pediatric summaries and develop the site for users.

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