SLCO1B1 added to PharmVar

PharmVar and PharmGKB are excited to share that SLCO1B1 nomenclature is now maintained by PharmVar. This important drug transporter, also known as OATP1B1, has been shown to facilitate the uptake of stains into the liver. Furthermore, genetic variation has been shown to cause musculoskeletal symptoms impeding statin effectiveness.

Star nomenclature has been used by manuscript authors in the past; allele designations were, however, self-assigned and there was no central repository providing oversight or keeping track of the reported allelic variants. The PharmVar SLCO1B1 gene experts have systematically reviewed and curated all information available in the literature. As the published star allele designations were not necessarily consistent in regard of criteria used for their definition, several alleles were merged and/or revised. In addition, new information gathered by the PharmVar Team were utilized to confirm published allele definitions, fill data gaps to facilitate updating some of the existing definitions, as well as discover novel haplotypes adding star alleles to the collection. Specific details of changes to allele definitions can be found on the PharmVar SLCO1B1 page and on the Change Log tab of the SLCO1B1 Allele Definition Table available from PharmGKB.
PharmGKB, PharmVar and CPIC have coordinated updates to their SLCO1B1 resources to reflect its release in PharmVar. The PharmVar SLCO1B1 gene page includes new allele functions assigned by CPIC as part of its forthcoming update to the guideline on SLCO1B1 and statins. These new PharmVar allele definitions and CPIC functions have been incorporated into the CPIC database and implementation resources for use with the current simvastatin guideline recommendations. All resources available through PharmGKB have also been updated accordingly. Standardized nomenclature for this drug transporter is an important step forward for clinical implementation of stain pharmacogenetics.

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